What is Essentiale® Forte P?

Essentiale® Forte P is made up of essential phospholipids naturally-derived from soya beans. 2
Phospholipids helps the repair of the damaged cells in the liver.

How does Essentiale® Forte P work?

Essentiale® Forte P works through its Triple LiveRevolution formula. 1
It helps restores normal liver function by repairing and regenerating damaged cells. 1

How do you take Essentiale® Forte P?

Make Essentiale® Forte P your life partner! 1

What are the available variants of Essentiale® Forte P?

Essentiale Save Php 25
Promo Pack
DOH-FDA-CDRR Permit No. 201 s. 2018

Essentiale® Forte P has a global heritage of being #1. 4

Here’s why:

Contains highly purified essential phospholipids 2
Supported by over 200 clinical studies 3
It's the no 1. liver remedy worldwide for over 50 years 4
Most prescribed liver care brand in the Philippines 5